Mette Sjöberg Anthonsen

+46 737 333 080

You are a good leader,

I help you become the best you can.

Welcome to Imparo Leadership

Coaching on 

* Leadership growth

* Transition

* Self Leadership

* Personal/professional

Development of  

* Self Leadership

* Team spirit

* Cooperation

* Courage

Workshops on  

* Courageous Leadership

* Self Leadership

* Trust

* Millenials at work 

Clients say

'If you would like support to increase learnings and development in the organization and grow your business,

I can strongly recommend you to reach out to Mette'

'She is quick to establish rapport in a coaching session and is skilful in leading a dialogue without steering it.

I would recommend her without hesitation to any organisation, large or small, to lift the level of expertise of individuals or groups!'


'She immediately puts you at ease with her empathetic, yet extremely intuitive manner. Her straight forward and uncomplicated style resonated with me very much, and I was amazed at how much ground we covered. Lots of food for thought and reflections has given me new insights.'

'It was an unexpectedly gentle, insightful and yet an unbelievably transformational journey that empowered me and reinforced me completely... I am enriched with new skills, scents, colors and way of thinking... And I am truly grateful for Mette's professionalism and unique personality!'